Evidence Storage Concepts offers:

  • Over 10,000 square feet of secure storage space to accommodate any sized item
  • Convenient loading area equipped with forklifts and hand carts
  • Flexible hours to provide access to your items when needed
  • Air conditioned inspection bays for evidence review
  • Video display monitors for photographic review
  • In-house forensic automotive specialist available for vehicle inspections
  • Full time evidence technician on site
  • Indoor 10,000 pound vehicle lift
  • Climate controlled storage as well as secure outdoor storage
  • Fire and hurricane protection
  • Video cameras and security procedures
  • Staff members trained in evidence procedures

Evidence Can Make or Break a Court Case

This is why evidence collection, storage, preservation, and submission are each important parts of the litigation process. Compromised evidence is of no use in court, potentially leading to incorrect conclusions and unnecessary settlements. Therefore, ESC takes every measure to ensure proper handling and storage of your evidence. Our staff are trained on national evidence procedures and recognize that different pieces of evidence will have different storage needs. We ensure your evidence is properly handled, no matter the size, shape, or handling required.

Upon evidence transfer, you get a complete, written document starting with the date and time we receive your evidence for storage. All evidence taken into custody by ESC is carefully documented, including: item description, quantity, condition of evidence, submitting person’s name, case-related data, and any special instructions. A receipt signed by both parties detailing all relevant information will be provided. All evidence is photographed upon initial collection or acceptance for proper tracking.

Security Measures

Our climate-controlled facility houses a secure evidence storage area that is accessible only to select, qualified employees. This storage space is large enough to fit vehicles such as cars, small boats, and golf carts being held over the course of the litigation process.

Our storage area is under 24/7 camera surveillance. Multiple employee authentication barriers stand between our dedicated storage area and the public, and the space itself is enclosed and prohibited to all non-qualified employees.